Hi! I'm Fernanda, a character animator and illustrator from Santiago, Chile and this is my blog! I graduated from the 3D Character Animation program at Animation Mentor, but I specialize in 2D as well (Actually I love it the most!). I also love making comics and hope to finish my graphic novel one day. Here you will find updates about my projects, sketches and animation stuff in general.
Install Theme
That is, you see a picture of Jackson Pollock smoking a cigarette and looking intense and you think “smoking and being super intense are part of what made Jackson Pollock the artist he was”. And then, worst of all, “if I were to start smoking and being all intense then I would increase my ability to create great art”. And worse again if we begin with “Jackson Pollock was an alcoholic and frequently an awful person to be around”, so…

— Pippin Barr, The Meta-Aesthetics of Artists: how emulating the habits of successful artists is not the key to making art. (via drawnblog)

(via drawnblog)

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