Hi! I'm Fernanda, a character animator and illustrator from Santiago, Chile and this is my blog! I graduated from the 3D Character Animation program at Animation Mentor, but I specialize in 2D as well (Actually I love it the most!). I also love making comics and hope to finish my graphic novel one day. Here you will find updates about my projects, sketches and animation stuff in general.
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California Travelogue: A journal comic about my trip to the USA →

I’ve been posting pages from the journal comics I drew in my trip to United States! Among the stuff in there, is the experiences of SDCC, Siggraph, Animation Mentor and other adventures in a country I had never been before.

My final Animation Mentor reel :) Hope you like it!

Un niño jugando a estar en la guerra o ser policia. Mi ultima toma de mi 3er trimestre en Animation Mentor, aunque aun falta la ultima critica de mi mentor y arreglar varios detalles que no alcance a hacer :(

My progress reel for Class1: Basic Foundations in Animation Mentor.

Mi progreso en mi primer trimestre estudiando en Animation Mentor